About Us

We are a non-profit foundation. We promote technology and information that makes the world a better place.

If You Have Helpful Information, Technology, Research, a Product or Service, We’ll Promote It Free.

We’re not about money. We’re about making the world better. So if you have anything that genuinely helps people, publish your information on our website for free (Write For Us). We’ll then promote your articles so more people see them. The more valuable your information, the more resources we’ll use to promote it.

We accept articles about anything and everything that improves the global standards of living. It could be something major like a potential cure for cancer, or something smaller like how to grow vegetables in small backyards.

We are completely non-profit and don’t ask for payments.

How Extensively Do We Promote Your Content?

The more valuable your information, the more extensively we’ll promote it.

We collaborate with:

  • TV and Radio stations.
  • Popular Internet video and social media channels (such as Youtube, Facebook & Twitter channels).
  • Numerous top 5,000 websites.
  • Our mailing list (growing daily).

Basically we give you the exposure you deserve. Especially if you have breakthrough research, we’ll make sure you’re noticed. Specifically the content you publish here will be promoted. This in turn builds our mailing list of people who share common goals. The mailing list is then used to inform people of emerging technology that interests them.

What Kind of Content Can You Publish Here?

Basically anything. We have very liberal guidelines. But we’ll only actively promote material that we feel deserves extra attention, because it may improve global living standards. For example:

  • Affordable housing.
  • Renewable energy research, technology, products and services.
  • Food production.
  • Water harvesting & purification, and more.

We’ll also promote:

  • Political material, including suggestions for effective government policy.
  • Anything that the world may benefit from.

Your content doesn’t need to be exceptional. But it needs to be accurate, unique and interesting to our readers.

About Our Audience

This website is only a fraction of our reach. For now it is new. But we collaborate with a variety of other individuals and organizations, who also want to improve the world – and who don’t expect money to help.

When you publish information about whatever you have to offer, we’ll evaluate it to see if it’s something we think needs extra promotion. And if it does, we’ll actively collaborate with individuals or organizations who share similar humanitarian goals.

Even if you sell technology that is nothing new (like solar panels), you can provide information that would be helpful to people interested in the technology. Even if we don’t extensively promote your article, you’ll still benefit by visitors on this website seeing your article. And you can link back to your website.

Ultimately visitors to this website want to improve their lives. So they’ll be generally interested in anything that can help them.

How You Can Help

  • Link to your own posts here. This increases the overall visibility of the site, so more people learn about important technology.
  • Share the website with friends via social media.
  • Contact us about any important technology or information you know about.