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How To Get Started

  1. Carefully read the editorial guidelines below. If articles don’t comply, they wont be published.
  2. Use the contact form to send your article (in plain text).
  3. It will be manually reviewed within 1-3 days. You’ll be notified whether or not it is published.

If your post is genuinely unique and helpful, we’ll link to it from authority websites, and email it to subscribers

We appreciate you creating articles real readers love. So if your article is genuinely exceptional, we’ll link to it from authority websites, AND email it to our subscribers. We aren’t your typical guest post website. We actively promote great articles.

You Posts MUST:

  • Be original and not published elsewhere.
  • Contain 900+ words.
  • Be well-written, and properly proof-read.
  • Properly use titles (h1,h2,h3 etc) with concise and informative wording.
  • Include an appropriate header image (use Creative Commons images from sites like pixabay.com). You should also add another 1-2 images in the article (only the header image is essential).
  • Use appropriate Categories and Tags (maximum 2 categories & 5 tags)
  • Comply with our Terms of Service (the typical limitations, like nothing illegal, defamatory etc).

You Posts MUST NOT:

  • Contain duplicate or low quality content (we check with Copyscape.com)
  • Be about topics that are already extensively covered on our website (Before you write an article, use the website’s search function to see if the topic is already extensively covered. If it is, write about something else, OR cover angles not in other articles)
  • Contain links which we believe are solely for SEO or to promote other websites (You CAN include links to your websites, but don’t go overboard).
  • In our view be spammy or purely promotional.

You Articles CAN:

  • Showcase or review any product or service. If they are your own, you must disclose this clearly to readers.
  • Include relevant links to any website (including your own websites or affiliate links).

Basically you can publish anything that’s legal, not going to infringe anyone’s rights, and overall going to benefit real readers. Repetitive and spammy posts wont be accepted.

If you don’t want your posts eventually deleted, read this:

We regularly remove posts that don’t have any traffic. This is because it tells us the article isn’t interesting or helpful.

So if you don’t want your posts removed, write genuinely interesting and helpful articles that answer questions. The better your article, the more prominently it will be displayed by editors.

If you write low quality content that Google considers spam, it wont be found in search engines, and we’ll eventually remove it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there any limitations to topics?

No, providing you post doesn’t infringe anyone’s rights or break laws. Typical topics are listed below. Contact us to request a new Category.

Q. How long does it take for posts to appear?

Usually 1-5 days.

Q. Does it cost anything?

If the post is genuinely unique and helpful for readers, it’s free. Otherwise we charge a fee. Contact us for rates.

Typical Guest Post Topics

Any topic is acceptable provided it’s legal. Here’s a list of typical topics:

  • Business & Finance.
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin etc).
  • Computers, mobile phones and technology.
  • Sustainable lifestyle, living off the grid etc.
  • Health and fitness.
  • Lifestyle (camping, fishing, outdoor activities etc).
  • Entertainment.
  • Law and enforcement.
  • Politics.