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Different Types of Snow Skis

There are a lot of different types of Skis available in the market today, and each Ski Type has its own unique features and applications. It is very important to get familiar with the various types of Skis for you to choose the kind which is suitable to where you will be skiing. Generally, Ski Types differ on where they were designed to be used. In this section, we will look into the different Ski Types:

Alpine Skis

Are precise, fast, and excellent for hard groomed Pistes. They are designed for easy turning. The Ski Bindings securely fasten the foot to the Ski at toe and heel. It has a mechanism that detaches the Ski from the foot in case the force applied goes beyond the preset value. Alpine Skis are suitable for advanced to race levels.

Freeride Skis

Are the type of Skis you should use when you have already mastered everything that the Ski area had to offer. They are excellent in tough conditions. Freeride Skis float through Powder Snow, cut through Crud Snow, and even slice through Slush Snow. This type of Skis is suited for advanced, expert race skiers.

Telemark Skis

Are downhill or touring Skis. The Binding in a Telemark Ski attaches only at the toe. This type of Ski was pioneered by Sondre Norheim of Telemark, Norway, and it was the first one with a notable Waist which makes turning much easier.

Cross-country Skis

Are very thin and light, and have slightly straight Ski Edges most of the time. Like in Telemark Skis, the Bindings in a Cross-country Ski attach only at the toe. This type of Skis is usually coated with wax in order to decrease friction when doing a forward motion, while some models have patterns at the bottom to increase friction during a backward motion.

Freestyle Skis

Are Special Skis used, obviously, in Freestyle Skiing? At this time, you should always remember that each Freestyle Discipline, or any Skiing Discipline for that matter, requires its own type of Ski. For instance, aerialists make use of Skis which are lightweight and move out of the way when maneuvering in mid-air. They use these Skis for transport by skiing straight to the take-off ramp and land at the bottom. Mogul skiers need quick and responsive Skis to aid them through a Mogul field with a tight control and with many turns. Acro-skiers require the so-called “ballet skis” which work like figure skates. With ballet skis, Acro-skiers can Ski front and back, spin, swirl over the Snow, and make cross-over steps.

Other Types

There are models of Skis which are designed for specific skiers and Skiing situations. These include Powderhound Planks and Racing Skis.

Similar to Water Skis and Snow Skis, Powderhound Planks are fat Skis designed for deep Powder. They are ideal for Skiing in Powder or in soft, cut-up Snow.

As the name suggests, Racing Skis are used by top racers who are very meticulous when it comes to flex, stiffness, responsiveness, as well as liveliness of their Skis. Different types of Racing Skis are manufactured to meet specific needs such as for Downhill, Giant slalom, and Slalom racing.

These are just the basic Ski Types. As you go along, you will realize that there are a lot more variations as far as Skis are concerned. They may vary in their features, characteristics, and applications. Therefore, it is very essential to know the type of Skis appropriate to you and your Skiing skill. The right Ski Type will really be helpful on your way to an exciting Skiing experience.

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Different Types of Snow Skis

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