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Five Best Places For Kayaking

Kayaking is now known as a popular adventure water sport. It makes use of kayaks. In kayaking, the person inside the kayak uses a double-bladed paddle which distinguishes kayaking from canoeing.

There are three types of Kayaking. These are recreational, touring, and whitewater kayaking. Recreational kayaking is done in areas with calm waters. Touring Kayaking makes use of longer boats for tourists to appreciate nature. The third type whitewater kayaking is the most exciting form of kayaking. Through kayaking in the swift waters, the person kayaking can already exercise and have a fun adventure.

Kayaking may be considered by some as an extreme sport which requires a lot of skills. However, there are some people who are not adept at kayaking but still enjoy the sport. It has a lot of health benefits too. It improves the body’s flexibility and muscle strength.

The best places for kayaking depend on the type of kayaking you want. Here are some of the places considered as paradise for kayakers.

Tennessee River Blueway

The Tennessee River is as long as 45 miles. It has a wide scenic view for the tourists and visitors. The river is ideal for whitewater kayaking because it is considered as the best river in Southeastern United States. The place also offers other activities like canoeing, rafting, and camping.

Lake Tahoe

With the clear water and the amazing view of nature, Lake Tahoe makes an ideal spot for recreational and touring kayaking. The water here is calm making it more relaxing but enjoyable for the kayaker. This place is also good for beginners since it requires a few skills unlike whitewater kayaking.


Just above the Grand Canyon, one of the best places for kayaking is located.  Colorado is also a best sport for whitewater kayaking. Colorado has numerous lakes and rivers that make kayaking very enjoyable and exhilarating.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

There are several places to go kayaking in Pennsylvania. They offer kayak rentals and kayak lessons for beginners and even pros. Pittsburgh is best for flat water kayaking or touring kayaking. Kayaking in Pennsylvania would be a way of relaxing for families.


Michigan is home to several lakes and rivers that are good locations for kayaking. The rivers and lakes can suit all kinds of kayaking. Aspiring kayakers can choose from places like Isle Royale Water Trail, Chippewa River, and Pine River.

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