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Ideas For Hacker & Computer-Themed Weddings

So you’re a computer geek and want an appropriately-themed wedding?

Could there be anything more geeky than a hacker-themed wedding? Keep in mind that I’m a geek myself. Although one of the cool ones (we all think we’re cool). It also makes it ok for me to say “geek”. If you and your partner are hardcore hackers or programmers, you might want to have a themed-wedding.

A Word Of Warning For Grooms

If on your wedding night, if you prefer a “solid-state hard drive” instead of a “floppy disk”, pay attention: There are a few TV shows where the groom completely organizes the wedding, without the bride having any input. Presumably couples do this for a free wedding. These TV shows are entertaining to some degree, because the groom often makes a mess of things. In all fairness though, it appears the shows producer deliberately casts clueless males who wouldn’t know the difference between HTML and C++. For example, you may choose a terrible dress for the bride, or green wedding jewellery. Speaking as a male myself, figuring out what women want is often confusing and perplexing. They are strange creatures, yet strangely compelling – both on and off computer screens. Keep in mind that many women have been dreaming about their wedding day most of their life. Don’t screw it up by doing something that may seem great to you, but will be a disaster in her eyes. It may be a party (sort of), but it’s not all about you. You will do well to remember this: “happy wife, happy life”.If later in your life, you find “happy wife, mediocre life” to be a more appropriate saying, then unfortunately you’ve made a poor choice. Windows and Linux do not mix well. And an emulator doesn’t fix everything.Examples of what NOT to do at your wedding:

  • Do NOT wear a Guy Fawkes mask (Save that for the honeymoon, when you are interfacing with her. That’s if she’s into that kind of thing).
  • Do NOT where a green suit. This includes the groomsmen. Your bride may mistake it for Saint Patrick’s Day.
  • Do NOT make jokes about “interfacing” with her. At least try and be romantic.

In most cases, both the bride and groom will make joint decisions about the wedding. Under no circumstances make assumptions that your partner will approve of additions you make, without her knowledge or consent. Keep this in mind, if you have any intention of uploading anything later.My point here is keep your future wife in mind. The wedding is probably much more important to her than it is to you. If you screw up her big day, this is where you’ll end up:

The place for husbands who either snore, or piss off their wife.

It’s not great. I’ve been there.But assuming you are both at the same URL, below are some ideas you may want to apply.

Don’t Go Overboard With Your Green Themes

You can easily add green to just about anything, but don’t over-do it. Making it subtle may be best. For example, the groom may have a green vest but a black suit. It will match nicely, without going over the top.

Source Code on Napkins or Table Cloth

Who doesn’t like beautiful and clean code? No bugs. Descriptive and thoughtfully placed comments. Sexy!

You can have custom napkins or cloth printed, with just about anything.

Green Lime In Drinks

Keeping in mind not to go overboard with green, use the occasional splash of green. Using lime in drinks offered to guests, before they enter the reception, is one of the more classy ways of using green. And it makes you look more like one of the cool geeks.

Green Wedding Dress or Jewelry

Green wedding dresses are harder to find, but you can easily get custom-made wedding jewelry. Again you don’t need to go overboard with too much green. If you go all-out on a fully custom-made wedding dress, it may cost thousands.Most wedding dress retailers have a set of specific designs to choose from, then various alterations are made to correctly fit the bride’s body shape.

Themed Cake

Cakes can be made to have any theme you want. Consider a computer-themed cake. Any good cake designer can give you a few ideas, but you can always get plenty of ideas online.You don’t necessarily need the whole base of the cake to be green. You can have an entirely normal cake, with a comical top-piece. The best one I’ve seen is an angry wife standing next to a guy on a computer. Guys, this could be a glimpse be your future. She probably won’t understand. You’ve just figured out a bug, and she wants “couples time”. I know, right?

Green Ribbons

White is the traditional color of weddings. But usually there’s one other color. You may as well make it, you guessed it, green. Ribbons can be anywhere from balloons to plain ribbons around chairs at the reception tables.If you are using green throughout clothing and decorations, carefully ensure it is the same shade of green or will look odd.

Themed Invitations

Your wedding starts with invitations, at least from your guest’s perspective. Your guests will likely know you well enough to know your interests, so some source code on the invitations may not be a surprise to them.

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