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The Science Behind Sexual and Physical Attraction

The answer to any question you have will always be found in nature. Why? Because nature already does everything, the right way. It has since the beginning of time.

We are not masters of nature. We are part of nature. The science behind sexual and physical attraction is no exception. Here we’ll discuss the real science behind it.

What Makes Us Physically Attractive

Humans have a complicated social structure. We are the only species that uses “money”. This is significant because the pursuit of money leads to manipulation of our nature. One example of this is “excessively skinny” women are promoted as being the “ideal” physical form – bordering anorexia. In reality, it is unhealthy and unattractive to most males.

The “Magazine’s Ideal” Form: Skinny But Unhealthy

Skinny model
Here’s a beautiful woman, but a bit on the skinny side. It “looks” a bit unhealthy because it is.

How unhealthy and excessively skinny became the “ideal” is not the point of discussion here. The main point here is most men would find a healthier-looking form, such as below.

The Much More Attractive, and Natural Form

Now take a look at the woman below.

Allison Stokke: Olympic pole vaulter made headlines when this seemingly innocent photo of her went viral. When you’ve finished having a good look, move on. We know you’ll come back to this.

You’ll find almost every make will find the second woman to be far more attractive. This is because she is in more natural proportions.

What are “Natural Proportions”?

Everything in nature has a natural proportion called the golden ratio. And the closer something is to natural proportions, the healthier and more appealing it looks to us.

The Golden Spiral: The blueprint of every living thing.

I don’t want to overload you with talk of math, but we live in a mathematical universe. So I’ll briefly explain how the golden spiral is relevant. This is best done with the video below.

The Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Spiral

Basically it is the blueprint for our universe. This spiral is seen everywhere, from snail shells to entire galaxies. It isn’t taught in schools, but should be. It is a fundamental part of life and our universe. So why shouldn’t be part of school curriculum?

Examples of the Golden Spiral

The Golden Spiral is all around you. But the key is it doesn’t always manifest as a clearly visible spiral, like a snail shell. Here are a few obvious examples of the spiral:

The Golden Spiral Vs Proportions

But we don’t plainly see the “golden spiral” anywhere in humans. But look deeper, and our DNA is a “golden spiral” too. So the golden spiral in humans is harder to see. What’s easier to see is proportions.

Consider the below image of an arm and fingers. These proportions even down to the fingers are the golden ratio.

The Golden Ratio explained by a cosmetic surgeon

So the closer our physical proportions are to the Golden Ratio, the more physically attractive we are. But this is only part of what makes us physically attractive.

Physically Healthy People Are More Attractive

For many reasons, physically healthy people are more attractive. The most obvious reason is instinctively you’ll prefer a healthier partner to mate with.

Health is related to physical proportions. So you’ll generally find “fitter-looking” people to be more more attractive.

There are also other visible signs of health, such as skin condition. If your skin is smooth and clean, you’ll be more attractive. Likewise, the better your personal hygiene, the more attractive you’ll generally be.

Social Factors Such as Wealth and Status

Success is attractive, because successful people are perceived as more capable of providing for your needs, and that of your children. The desire to seek a partner that is wealthy may be a bit on the shallow side. But wanting a partner to be financially secure is normal and healthy, considering the emphasis our society places on money. Whether or not this emphasis itself is healthy or not, is another matter.

Intelligence and Competence

Nobody likes dating someone as dumb as a post. Unless they’re not particularly intelligent yourself. The more intelligent you are yourself, the more likely you are to find intelligence to be a desirable quality of your partner. This too comes down to your instinctive understanding of who would make an ideal partner.

Say for example if you found intelligence to be very attractive. If someone “looked dumb”, based on how they dress, or other stereotypical elements, then you might be less attracted to them. Of course though, looks can be deceiving. Although we’re all affected by stereotypes, at least to some degree. We may all know not to judge a book by its cover, but it’s only natural to base initial opinions only on what you’ve seen so far.


Physical attractiveness is not a particularly complicated science. It comes down to factors that indicate a partner’s likely ability to fulfill roles as a partner. An individuals desires or needs differ, so we don’t all find the same traits attractive.

However, there are some shared variables, such as:

  • Physical ratios and proportions
  • Signs of physical health and fitness
  • First impressions, based on stereotypes.

Ultimately this article addresses ONLY the physical element of attraction. But we all know looks aren’t everything.

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